Examples of Our Equipment and Diagnostic Procedures



An autoclave is a device used to sterilize medical instruments by heating them to over 250° F. The high temperatures destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that could otherwise cause infections.

Blood Tests

Diagnostic blood tests are used by podiatrists to test if there are any underlying infections or other illnesses that may be contributing to poor foot health. When combined with imaging techniques, a podiatrist can get a more holistic view of your foot’s health.

Surgical Laser

Laser surgical units are devices that use very strong beams of light to make incisions in tissue, remove warts or moles, or seal bleeding blood vessels. Laser incisions are generally more precise and heal quicker than scalpel incisions.


The VasoSpect is a vascular analyzer that allows a podiatrist to detect blood clots and other venous problems without surgery.


The XiScan is a fluroscopic imaging device which uses X-rays to create an image. Unlike standard static X-rays, the Xiscan allows a podiatrist to obtain real-time images of the anatomy of your feet.


Foot fingers exposed on x-ray black and white film.